Therapeutic Massage
This massage is designed to address specific physical problems or injuries. Incorporating different massage techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point, your therapist will focus on decreasing pain and bringing balance to a specific area.
30 minutes, $40.00
60 minutes, $65.00
90 minutes, $100.00
Deep Tissue Massage
A wide range of therapies that work to free up the body's connective tissue and muscles to encourage their proper functioning. This work uses deep, even pressure that is incorporated into a very relaxing full body massage.
30 minutes, $45.00
60 minutes, $70.00
90 minutes, $105.00
Lomi Lomi Massage
Known as Hawiian spiritual healing, this massage is composed of deep compressions and smooth, rhythmic strokes to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.
30 minutes, $45.00
60 minutes, $70.00
90 minutes, $105.00
Relaxation Massage
This is a traditional swedish massage that relaxes, tones, and increases the body's circulation and lymphatic flow by manipulationg the soft tissue. This technique generally utilizes a lighter pressure and is a good choice for those who prefer a lighter massage.
30 minutes, $40.00
60 minutes, $65.00
90 minutes, $100.00
Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, heated basalt stones are used to melt away tension from the body and warm the muscles to induce deep relaxation.
60 minutes, $80.00
90 minutes, $110.00
Foot Massage
Beginning with a cleansing and exfoliating peppermint scrub with hot towels. Followed by a peppermint cream massage with pressure points for the lower leg and feet to improve circulation and decrease fatigue, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Only reflexology, $45.00
Reflexoloy with scrub, $55.00

In barefoot ashiatsu the therapist uses bars overhead the massage table for balance and support. The feet are used to create a combination of gravitational force and flowing strokes that bring deep relaxation to your body. Ashiatsu can be very deep, but it extremely healing and rejuvenating for your body.
30 minutes, $40.00
60 minutes, $70.00
Mother To Be
This massage specifically addresses the discomforts that many women experience during pregnancy. The focus is to provide relief for these discomforts and general relaxation.
60 minutes, $50.00
On-site massage
We bring the massage to you. Take a break to relax and relieve stress with a table or seated massage. Seated massage is also available for groups. Please allow plenty of notice when requesting an on-site appointment so that we can guarantee availability.
60 minutes, $100.00
  90 minutes, $150.00
Jetted Tub
Begin your experience soaking in a jetted tub with essential oils and epsom salts.
30 minutes, $10.00
Pre-paid Packages

A great deal for people who incorporate massage into their health maintenance program. Get 11 one hour massages for the price of 10 or 11 half-hour massages for the price of 10.



Military Discount $10.00
Senior Discount $5.00